Friday, February 3, 2012

Can I see your body of work? Ouch!

As I read Covey's The 8th Habit, I found myself rolling up my sleeves 
and doing the work. I culled through a year of scribbled appointments 
in my calendar and the box full of disheveled receipts in my office. 
I examined the trails of my own time alongside my husband's 
money, then made changes. People with worthy projects fell 
away from my "Giving To" list as I intentionally concentrated 
on people and passions closest to my heart. —Rw, Legacy

Today, Seth Godin asks:

Are you leaving behind an easily found trail of accomplishment?
Seth's Blog: Can I see your body of work?

A little research indicates that my time spent with Covey was most likely in the winter, possibly late in 2009. How much more unaccounted for time and money has trailed through my life since then?

If the work you do isn't worth collating and highlighting, 
you probably need to be doing better work.
Seth's Blog: Can I see your body of work?


Who wants to spend time collating? Categorizing? Filing?

Who wants to sort through the bushels of apples called 'my work' looking for the shiny crisp reds amidst the shriveled browns of unmet expectations and the rotting too-soft fruit of brokenness revealed?

Not me. Probably not you. Seth invites us to do it anyway, reveal the better work.

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In my studies this morning, this scares me:

“Get behind me, Satan!” [Jesus] said. “You do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.” —Mark 8:33 NIV

Jesus is not talking to Satan. Christ is addressing the apostle Peter ...

a writer and witness to The Story ...

a human in broken humanity,
a man held up as a mirror,
a brother in which I see shards of me.


Photo by Toronto Rob

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