Saturday, February 4, 2012

Baby Feet

Carefree dogs make me laugh.

Naked baby feet make me smile.

A friend's Friday Photo Dump
brings joy to my heart.

This cropped photo is from a formal portrait of my great niece just before she learned to walk on her own. Her dress is palest pink, overlaid with sheer fabric embroidered with flowers. A big satin bow ties above her waist, cascades down the back of her dress, long and lush. Her baby plump arms and perfectly dimpled hands rest on a child-sized Victorian sofa upholstered in a tapestry of ivory, pink and sage framed by richly stained and intricately carved wood. The background is rich dark chocolate shadows, faded images evoking an ancient garden wall. She is turning her head to the right, smiling over her shoulder at the camera. Her body is tilted slightly toward the sofa, her dress the perfect length to reveal her bare feet.

The portrait is breathtaking and timeless, capturing her essence, 
revealing the radiant beauty of her spirit.

Then [Jesus] took the children in his arms and placed 
his hands on their heads and blessed them. —Mark 10:16 NLT

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Christina Rambo said...

I don't think I can ever take enough pictures of baby feet!

You are the best, by the way...

Rw said...

thank you dear friend! Rw