Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fresh Orange Slices

Nothing is random. Life is filled with choice.

My life moves forward in the tension, belief in the Creator, the dignity of free will, and His plan for every breath of my life.

Orange Slices is devoted to celebrating the sweetness, pushing back the murky shadows in my peripheral vision and centering on a celebration of life. This year
I am committing one blog a month to a retrospective of goodness.

Books, Poetry, Prayer:
Wounded Heart by Dan B. Allender
Wounded Heart workbook developed within Valleybrook Church
The Marks of a Spiritual Leader, an essay by John Piper
The Inner Voice of Love: A Journey ... Anguish to Freedom by Henri J.M. Nouwen
Prayer Against Torment, which ends: I have committed my life to God,
and He has established my plans! (Prov 3:6, Prov 16:3)

Excellent Choices:
A Monday morning meeting at North High School
A walk in the woods of winter with Vicki, Reggie, Jo Anne and Bill
Lunch at Pizza Hut with Morning Glory, her insights and her courage
Daily prayer
Morning coffee
Prayer and Coffee on Thursday mornings
A son who can cook, dinners and movie with closest family
Lunch with my friends Kate and Emery
Time alone with God
Strangers exploring Wounded Heart, seedlings in the garden of friends
Sunsets enjoyed from a second story window, a sanctuary, mid-winter trees

Special Blessings:
Felt hearts and heart-felt words, notecards of encouragement
Inspiration from Saint Valentine and Saint Marius who performed wedding ceremonies in secret more

I wonder, when we’re caught between the familiar less good news
and the potential of the better Good News, we feel frozen.
And the words of the angel are, “Don’t be afraid.”
It's worth the risk.
 —Steve Argue, more


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