Saturday, December 24, 2011

Snow-Woman Delight

a splash of light
from the camera
brightens the night
one morsel of Christmas
a snow-woman delight

her long-tasseled cap
and red-rosy cheeks
bring a smile to my heart
the Christmas it seeks

within the pine garland
behind her, lights twinkle
stockings held with red bows
ribbon crisp without wrinkle

new ornaments gifted
old baubles displayed
potato soup simmers
simple, homemade

prepared for our guests
dining table arranged
stoneware, cloth napkins
festive comforts unchanged

no tree this year
my decision, debated
alters the landscape
a tradition, created?

space in our lives
less retail vanity
hearts more attune
with earthly humanity

palm trees and shepherds
a celebration, we sing
the Nativity centers
welcome Jesus, our King

a Nativity gifted by a friend

a favorite Christmas carol
Winds Through The Olive Trees


1 comment:

Rich Proctor said...

Beautiful! Merry Christmas Renee.