Saturday, December 3, 2011

Inspired by Kimberly

Coming in the front door,
my husband brings our mail.
He calls to me up the stairway,
"Are you expecting a package?"
I am not, yet I travel down
a flight of stairs in record time,
my classical conditioning
to December-arriving parcels
embarrassingly apparent.

Even before the package is opened, my fingers discern a book within the padded envelope. Inspired By Tozer emerges.

My heart beats recognition.
Anxious hands flip open the TOC. Searching eyes scan for her name. I turn to page 173.

There must be a work
of God in destruction
before we are free.
We must invite the cross
to do its deadly work
within us. —A. W. Tozer

As I read DEADLY WORK, Kimberly's reflection on Tozer's words, the word 'menagerie' jumps from the page.

I am transported back in time, surrounded by an intimate group
of four strangers. I am inspired by the playful artistry of Kimberly's hair, kissed by handfuls of tiny butterfly clips. As she unfolds her story, I am awed by her tenacity in the face of evil, blown away by her faith in God.

I am inspired by her strength, the heroism within her humanity.

So here, desperately clinging to the freedom of the unfurled sail of God on the stormy sea of life, I howl above the crashing waves...
—Kimberly L. Smith, Inspired by Tozer

Like a butterfly clip of titanium, in Christ she is uncrushable.


an intimate group of strangers
Kimberly L Smith
Photo credit: Clips

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