Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Embracing Miracles

What things am I pondering in my heart at this time? ... that the sorrow surrounding me may not heal with rest and prayer.

Perhaps this is a new level of following, seeing the pain, the sorrow, the cruelty, attempting to understand God, Jesus ... my role, the plan for our world.

Dark secrets revealed, life stories told to me by friends and strangers - even movie images like those in "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" - cannot be rehidden, untold, unseen, erased ...

What might I might learn from Mary? ... embrace the miracles.

Mary kept all these things to herself,
holding them dear, deep within herself.
Luke 2:19 MSG


Jesus' mother held these things dearly,
deep within herself.
Luke 2:51 MSG

Mary loves deeply, holds and reflects on the promise God is revealing: Baby Jesus, the angels and shepherds, the words of Anna the prophetess and Simeon; then years later as she and Joseph discover the Boy Jesus in the Temple, His comfort and naturalness while seated among the teachers, Jesus listening and asking questions.

Mary encounters mystery, holds the miracles in a gentle, reflective embrace. Mary is a patient and quiet disciple; she waits for the unfolding of God's story, the plan for our world.

Mary embraces the promise, trusts God with the pain.

Mary Did You Know

Loving Creator,
You formed my heart, grant me the ability
to keep and ponder all that you show me in the stillness.

Inspiration: The Heart of It All
Photo Credit: Mary and Jesus

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