Monday, July 11, 2011


glasses, freckles

white hair
brown eyes

corners of the mouth turned gently down

then up

a self-conscious smile

an age spot on her right cheek
a beauty mark below her lower lip
puffy quilted cushions of wrinkles above the cheekbones



faint frown lines on the bridge of the nose
between uneven eyebrows

light from the window to her right
the left left in slight shadow

the left eye looks smaller, the right eye ?

a right hand removing the glasses

the scar
on her forehead
above her left eye
almost indistinguishable from wrinkles of age

a left hand reaching up
to touch the scar

a fading scar
from stitches put in
before I was in Kindergarten
I remember falling
hitting my head on the sharp corner
of a table next to a couch
in the living room

patient eyes

then tears

why tears?

then laugh lines and crows feet revealed by a nervous smile

I check the time
seeking closure ?
11 minutes


Mirror, Mirror by Esther Poyer
"Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies." —Ralph Waldo Emerson Mirror, mirror on the wall... find the nearest mirror. Look. Keep looking for 3 minutes. Write about what you see. EP


Interruption said...

Very nice!

Maya said...

This is beautyFULL! So authentic and genuine in your sharing! Thank you! You made me teary-eyed and touched my heart.

Rich P. said...

Time flies when we visit with deal old friends.


Rw said...

i don't know if anyone else is having this experience, but when i open my dashboard and see there are comments it is like sitting down at a table in a restaurant and having the waiter bring a complementary dessert and multiple forks, before handing us our menus. thank you for sharing your thoughts and this Emerson journey.