Monday, July 11, 2011

A Busy Weekend In A Small Town

On Saturday, a wedding ceremony at a park in a neighboring city, then a reception and dance just a few blocks from our house, meant no one stayed at home to keep Harley company. I showed up at regular intervals to take him outside, but I didn't stay long and we didn't walk far. On Sunday family and friends drove a couple miles north to work on the old house my son and daughter-in-law just bought, then stayed for an impromptu cookout, but it was stifling hot outside – too hot for a little long-haired dog – so again Harley stayed home alone.

Today, Harley simply wants to be held.

In the days and weeks when I find myself spending too much time alone, I often lack the courage to seek out the people who love me and ask to be held. Today, I want to be more like Harley.
I want to openly crave and joyfully accept the human embrace.


Harley is a rescued 6-year-old Papillon male who grew up in Texas. In April, he came to live in Wisconsin, the home of Harley Davidson Motorcycles. We now call him Harley Davidson. I wonder what he will think about winter.

Day 40 Trust30 Challenge


Interruption said...

OH MY GOSH!! He is so cute...we had a black/white Papillon for 16 years! Great companion!

I do the same thing...isolate. It is very hard for me to trust others. FEAR!!! I LOVE THIS SENTENCE 'I want to openly crave and joyfully accept the human embrace.' Beautifully written. Thank you. Take care.

Peace, Nico

Rich P. said...

A touch, an embrace, more valuable than anything and yet so hard at times to give and receive. Another element in the paradox of life.


Rw said...

there is a black-n-white photo of me as a toddler with a litter of black lab puppies, i think it started then, this love for dogs