Saturday, July 16, 2011


I am inspired by simple stories from my childhood tied up in fairy tale endings like Cinderella with Lesley Ann Warren or the animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas narrated by Boris Karloff.

I am inspired by sequined comedy and clueless heroism in the weeping The Three Amigos who just found out life is not a movie.

I am inspired by the play of light and dark in an oil painting of a stormy sea I once viewed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Today I cannot remember the title of the painting nor the name of the painter, yet the inspiration remains.

Unlike the quintessential renaissance man, a master of both arts and sciences,
I am a woman adrift in
a stormy ever-expanding
sea of inventions and incantations that I will
never master.

And I find inspiration in
the simple, paint-spattered t-shirt of an apprentice working and learning and living in this creative space called life.


Original Thought by Michael Brajkovich
“The arts and inventions of each period are only its costume, and do not invigorate men.” Think of the last time that you thought, said, or did something that was original. What inspired or invigorated this? MB


Interruption said...

"A Woman adrift..." very beautiful thoughts. By the way...I LOVE The Grinch!!! Take care.

Rw said...

thank you!

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