Monday, September 26, 2011

John 6:48

"What moves me to more deeply appreciate Jesus sharing his life with me? How do my actions and words make evident the fact that Christ lives in me?"

There is such richness here, in life with Christ. There are friend- ships and true community. A place where people help each other, support each other in time of need. There is the joy of discovery in our friendships through Whispered Hopes, a meeting of hearts,
a budding trust and growth as my eyes and heart are opened to see fragile and gifted humanity in the women
around me, the women in the clubs and the volunteers. There are moments of enlighten- ment and celebration, like my conversation with J one Sunday. His friend, a man who manages a local strip club, tells J about these women, women from a local church, who
come into the club with gifts, how great it is.
J reveals, yes he knows these women, the women are friends from his church.

Jesus' plan for a loving, united and peaceful humanity pulses through our every relational touch.

Kindness, not cruelty.

Patience, not judgment.

Encouragement, not criticism.

I used to be painfully quick to speak, always something to say, often before my brain engaged. These past eighteen months, I am discovering the gap, the place in conversation where I can hang for a few moments and think about the impact of my words.

When I hang in the gap with God, I find that that my words are kindness and encouragement, patient words of acceptance.

On a really really good day, looking in a mirror, I can see reflected in my own eyes the patient beauty of Christ.

3-Minute Retreat

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