Thursday, September 22, 2011


This morning I sat in the living room with my husband's laptop reading blogs written by friends. I am intrigued by a list of 100 books to discover, lifted by a baby dressed for her dedication in a family heirloom, touched by a mother's heart for her adult son, and awed by an adult son's love for his father.

This morning as I write, a nagging voice at the base of my skull brings back a recent conversation with a woman who seems to want my friendship. When I spoke about writing a blog, she chose "why bother" as her next words.

I sense we will not soon be friends.

Yesterday, after hours of painting old kitchen cabinets a bright clean white and soaking old hardware to remove decades of splattered colors, I found myself growing weary. With permission,
I opened the rich gray-green my co-laborer had chosen for the walls and began painting the bead-board paneling behind her kitchen table. She continued working on the cabinets. As we worked in tandem, we began to reveal the room she'd envisioned.

I hope we will always be friends.

When I find myself wanting to utter the words "why bother"
I pray that God will stop me, that God will give me time to think before I speak. I pray
that my mouth forms words of encouragement ...

... encouraging words that flow like Skittles from their bag, colors that nourish dreams and nurture friendships, words that bring just a bit of heaven to someone here on earth.


Photo Credit: I heart skittles by elizabeth932 ...

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Anonymous said...

I love your gift with words and I love reading your insights and reflections. It's comforting to know I have a sister who can express so many things I also believe, so well, especially in those moments when I feel like such a misfit in this world.

Please ... continue to bother. You are a blessing, rw

Rw said...

We are all misfits in this world ... destined for something greater! Rw