Tuesday, September 13, 2011


. . . becoming fully conscious of our animal nature and identifying with the lives of nonhumans is a way to increase our awareness that animals share the Earth with us, that they are made of the same fiber as we are, that they are our kin. Writing from the viewpoint of an animal puts us in touch with minds that are starkly different from our own — an excellent way of growing our creativity and intensifying the kind of understanding we can call writers’ empathy. Smash365: Viewpoint

It is so hot today! The sun is beating down on me so hard, even my shadow is warm. I need to keep moving. If I was the only one sitting on those eggs, I would simply expire.

This feels so much better, to be up moving around, fanning myself with my beautiful brown wings. My mate's wings are darker, more black. He was so very handsome back when we were courting. He danced and sang to me. So romantic.

When these eggs hatch, I will be so very grateful that we live in a community where every ostrich is on the lookout for danger. You know, it does take a village. And, the best part is, when someone has to chase away danger, we take turns. I love to run!


The ostrich flaps her wings futilely—
all those beautiful feathers, but useless!
She lays her eggs on the hard ground,
leaves them there in the dirt, exposed to the weather,
Not caring that they might get stepped on and cracked
or trampled by some wild animal.
She's negligent with her young, as if they weren't even hers.
She cares nothing about anything.
She wasn't created very smart, that's for sure,
wasn't given her share of good sense.
But when she runs, oh, how she runs,
laughing, leaving horse and rider in the dust.
Job 39:13-18


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