Thursday, September 15, 2011

Juice With My Coffee

6 ounces.

3/4 cup.

1 serving.

A serving of juice is a tiny glass by most household standards. Smaller
than my
mug of coffee.
Much smaller.

When I stop to measure portions, I am amazed at how small each serving is, especially compared to what is typically served. I pause and hear my nagging heart ask, "Can I live on less?"


The other day I met a co-conspirator for lunch, a woman whose heart weeps for victims of human trafficking. As we sat down with our salads and her tomato bisque, at an outdoor metal table in the sunshine, just outside a coffee shop and cafe, we bowed our heads. She said a prayer. We stopped to be thankful.

We are blessed in the fresh greens in our salads, the taste of tomato bisque, the beauty of late summer, this time spent together.

Each morning I am blessed. There is a serving of juice with my coffee. A couple slices of bread with a bit of peanut butter. Sometimes I choose strawberry jam.

Each morning I am blessed by a coffee pot that keeps that water heated so I do not need to wait very long for my coffee. I am blessed by a refrigerator that keeps the juice and jam fresh.

Today, I will stop and be thankful.

God takes great delight in me, rejoices over me with singing. Zephaniah 3:17



Interruption said...

A beautiful reminder to give thanks for the many blessings that can sometimes be taken for granted. Thank you for this!


Rw said...

you are welcome. i appreciate your insights and words of encouragement. Rw