Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Project 100

Among the list of posts unpublished in 2011 were six drafts
~ the final draft entry contains a link to a blog that begins:

The discovery of my Grandmother's books has ignited
in me a rapidly growing interest in classic literature.
Definitely an interest that is worthy of further investigation.
—Rich Proctor, The Lionheart, then and now

In The Lionheart blog, within
the Project 100 list, I find
seven titles are books enjoyed,
one that was started but not finished,
one that is a work in progress ...
and I create my Book Pile 2011:

Jesus Calling - Sarah Young
To Live Is Christ Day By Day - Beth Moore
Inspired by Tozer - Lauren Barlow, general editor
When Helping Hurts - Steve Corbett, Brian Fikkert
Radical - David Platt
Self Reliance - Ralph Waldo Emerson
To Be Told - Dan Allender
Drops Like Stars - Rob Bell
Touch Stone - Andrea M. Polnaszek
If You Want To Write - Brenda Ueland
Pure Heart - Shellie R. Warren
The Thorn Birds - Colleen McCullough
The Core Issue - Christine Caine
God Of This City - Aaron Boyd, Craig Borlase
No Will Of My Own - Jon Zens
What Happens When Women Say Yes to God - Lysa Terkeurst
The Message New Testament - Eugene H. Peterson, translator
Love Wins - Rob Bell (all 3 of my copies out on loan)
Resonate - Nancy Duarte
An Anchor for the Soul - Ray Pritchard
The Transforming Friendship – Leslie Weatherhead
Passport Through Darkness - Kimberly L. Smith

Closing on 2011, a year that I vowed to purchase only female authors, I am not surprised to find a gender mix. Coloring within the lines has never come easily.

Kimberly L. Smith and Dan Allender were in the "intimate group of five strangers" at the conference in Green Lake this past May, a heart-wrenching To Be Told workshop. A couple days afterward, I read Passport Through Darkness in one sitting on the Memorial Day holiday.

If you only read one book in 2012, please choose
Passport Through Darkness. (sorry Dan)

Within my list, there are familiar faces. Friends and I attended Rob Bell's Drops Like Stars event, sat in the 3rd row, in Minneapolis 2009. His first book, Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith, is one of my all time favorites.

Andrea M. Polnaszek is the friend who first introduced me to the work of Rob Bell, and I was honored to help her publish her book, Touch Stone, this past January. Jon and Dotty Zens, met at the Green Lake conference this past May, were strangers who quickly became friends. Jon is a rather prolific author. More of his work awaits me in 2012.

And, this year-end post wouldn't be complete without a word of thanks to all the bloggers, the writers who inspire and encourage me every day, especially Rich, Rich, Nico + others from Trust 30!



Fresh Start said...

Thank you for the Shout Out... Renee!
I love your book list. I'm working through the stack next to my bed and then I can add some new ones. Probably 2013... but who knows. I finished one over the weekend... that is a record.

Rich Proctor said...

Renee, you rock my world! Thank you for the referral to my blog, and the big shout to Project 100. You put a smile on my face a mile wide, and I am honored and humbled.

I am so grateful to Trust 30 for bringing me together with you, and other like-minded people. Thank you again, and my best to you in this amazing new year.

Rich P. said...

Inspiration is as inspiration does, Renee. What goes 'round... ;)

You are a light so keep on shining.