Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Missions in Action

"I used to hate being alive. Now my biggest joy comes from being
able to work and provide for myself, to be able to work in the
daytime and go home to a peaceful sleep at night."
— a fashionABLE woman

When a Missions In Action video first pops up in my Facebook news feed, one face is familiar. In a later episode, in a van filled with people, I recognize two.

The world is smaller than we think.

In Episode #6 the host is milking a cow ... by hand. I laugh and share the link. In Episode #8, the guys are 'helping' weave fashionABLE cotton scarves. I smile, then laugh. Missions in Action captures the hope.

This past weekend, in the beautiful space in Oswego IL, a man sits next to me. We talk about the scarves, the photo of his sponsored child that hangs on his 'fridge, how the scarves, photos and t-shirts bring opportunities to talk about our passions, the work we witness, the hope. He is wearing a World Vision t-shirt.

The next morning, as I tearfully admit to the group my exhaustion, I feel a hand of comfort on my shoulder. Later, there are words of encouragement, a brief hug and a smile. As noon approaches, our meeting begins to wind down. The man sitting next to me and another member of our group leave for the airport.

An hour or so later, my husband warms up our Jeep, brushes the snow from the windshield, puts our suitcase in the back seat. As I pull the seat belt across my lap, my husband asks if I am ok. He too has seen my tears.

He reaches into his pocket, hands me a t-shirt, a World Vision t-shirt. He says, "When Alex and Scott left for the airport, Alex gave me this, asked me to give it to you."

More tears, then laughter.

Once more I wonder how this 5th grade GIRL, ended up in this place.

Today, I smile and extend an invitation to you: please take a few moments to witness the hope at Missions in Action. Share with me your favorite episode.

The world is smaller than we think.

Cheers everyone!

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Proverbs 31:8

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