Friday, January 27, 2012

facing the abyss

If you're not willing to face the abyss of choice,
you will almost certainly not spend enough time
dancing with opportunity.

Seth's Blog: What to do next

The guilt builds, one email at a time, subscriptions fall into my inbox.

Even with a rather obsessive-compulsive filing system placing my emails in folders by topic and source, multiple bold UNREAD messages greet me each morning. Greet me THIS morning.

4:23 a.m. The coffee is brewing.

A short time after reading the Seth-words that open this entry, I unsubscribe from Seth's Blog, choose to follow it here instead. The change signals growth in me. Seth was my first blog subscription - March 9, 2010 7:19AM - and his Trust 30 initiative taught me so much!

The Domino Project retains
a place in my email inbox,
as does Pressenza my cherished news feed. Alas, [insert heavy silent-movie sigh here] like the early-arriving suitor in this dance called life, he will now vie for my attention like any other beau. His voice will become one among many in an ever- expanding sea: friends' and friends-of-friends' blogs.

I am facing the abyss of choice.

I want to spend more time dancing with opportunity.

My Dance and One Friend's Dance

and my personal favorite: Evan Almighty Dancing with God



photo by dmbaker 123RF Stock Photo

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