Wednesday, August 17, 2011


"I don't believe God is so concerned that we build ministriesor companies, families, or any other human legacyto his glory. His glory is grown when we simply live out the calling he has given us. We give him much greater glory when we are aware of our calling, live intentionally, and live with passion. That's how we coauthor our own story." —Dan Allender, To Be Told pg 22

This morning I opened my email to one of those glorious stories of faith and humanity, passed on through hundreds of emails to my inbox. It was inspiring. Then, it was not. At the end was that guilt-inducing admonition to pass it on ... or else. 

Yes, I thought, I will send my own email message to the person who has me on their forward-forward-forward list. Responding with a nasty 'take me off your list' email promises to feel quite satisfying in the moment. But, does it contribute anything to making this world a better place? Bringing a bit of heaven to earth?

I am reminded of a keynote speaker at a high school banquet in the spring of my senior year. She spoke of a yabut, a mythical creature often seen lurking in those deceptive moments when we respond to an idea with a subversive yes, then add something closer to what we really think, usually inserted after a but. She suggested that when we hear our mouths forming those two tiny words yes but, that each of us pause and take time to think about being honest, compassionate and respectful.

Like me, the person forwarding the email is a believer in Christ, a woman simply trying to live out the calling God has for her. In my visceral reaction to the admonition to pass it on ... or else, I felt a yabut lurking in the shadows. 

I stopped and took a breath, then simply hit delete.

As I am tentatively exploring coauthoring my story with God, Yes, buts and Maybes are not an option. Simply and fully, my answer to our Creator is Yes.

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