Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Most of us don’t have deserts or remote mountain passes to wander in, and, even if we did, our responsibilities would keep us from spending much time there. Instead, we must find ways to nurture silence and solitude in the midst of our busy schedules. The most basic way to do this is simply creating. . . a state in which our inner voices are stilled and we stand alone with the Mystery. In the next 24 hours, create an opportunity for you to have just 10 minutes of silence — 5 minutes to still the waters, and 5 minutes to write without interruption. What writing surfaces when you are calm?

As the neighbor's lawnmower is silenced by the turning of a key and the traffic noise from the highway fades away, I am left with the hum of my computer. Hands quietly resting. Eyes closed.

Silence 5 minutes.

I trust in God's unfailing love.

Restless fingertips begin to move. The click of the keyboard joins the hum of my computer. Tomorrow is the first day of school. Children will meet teachers and classmates, explore new classroom spaces. Words unlock it all. The ability to read and write is the key to all the world. For if I can read I can visit faraway places in stories and textbooks. I can seek to understand mathematics and science. I can teach myself to play piano and guitar. I can open a book and read with God.

I can be an ageless student.

Tomorrow is the first day of school.


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