Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Quilt Makers

"We are quilt makers, artists, explorers ... look for paths you might have missed that will make your journey richer." Dan Allender, To Be Told Workbook pg 7

Today, I journaled memories from first grade to age forty from gazing out the tall windows of my first grade classroom to my tequila-infused 40th birthday celebration on a beach in Puerto Vallarta. 

In both places, time is an earthy visual and rich tactile memory. Green trees. Blue sky. My arms against wood-topped desk. The fingers of my right hand curled around a pencil. The canvas cabana and sun glasses providing welcome shade. My feet relaxing at the sides of my beach chair, buried beneath warm sand.

As I begin this work of introspection and the search for paths missed, I am intrigued by how far the little first grade girl has come, how much she has learned and experienced, and how somewhere deep inside her there remains a child-like awe for trees and sky, wood and sand.


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