Monday, November 21, 2011


A fresh snow fell Saturday.

In the evening, on our walk, Harley was quite skittish.

The next morning, as the sun came up, Dozer was quite intrigued.

At first glance, I thought it a teenage prank? Someone walking in animal slippers, on their tiptoes? Perhaps a neighbor's new and very large dog? Walking unleashed, without human companion?

Starting at the east end of our street, the tracks meander back and forth from curb to curb heading mostly west, then turning south - crossing the paw prints the dogs and I left Saturday evening - and continuing onto our lawn, around the willow tree, through our garden and under our clothesline, before cutting behind the adjoining property's garage and heading south down our alley. We are not country dwellers. The heart-of-downtown is just four blocks away. Our neighborhood isn't a place I'd expect to see tracks this big.

On Saturday evening, during our walk, a fresh and unblemished snow covered our lawn.

On Sunday morning, the intersection of my own footprint with an 8" track, unnerves me.

Looking at my photos, my ever logical husband observes, 
"that's really not a very large bear."

Huh? The dogs and I were much more concerned about proximity!




Madhulika said...

The foot print is scary..!!!

Christina Rambo said...

For real!? Holy cow.