Friday, November 4, 2011

in the midst of our own uncertainty

When you bring blessing to any other in the midst of your own uncertainty and the depth of the complexity of your own life, when you bring the blessing of the radical Word of God into any human life, you are speaking in tongues. You are speaking language that defies the power of Babel. You are building bridges that somehow get to the very depth of what every human heart desires.
Dan Allender

As I listen to this podcast, I scramble to scribble down the words, my heart pounding with recognition. Uncertainty, an asphalt layer of darkness lurking just beneath my skin, is an almost constant companion.

My confidence in writing experiences a hiccup. Or perhaps cardiac arrest? I find it difficult to access my inner voice. My writing, the words of my blog, inflicted pain. It happened. I am aware. In that moment, warmth and sunlight evaporate, give way to the bitter cold of self-doubt, uncertainty. The asphalt layer hardens.

In that moment, I want to give up, to retreat from this seemingly insane quest.

Topics. Speaking. Changing minds and hearts. A list lays on my desk, to the left of my keyboard...
heaven on earth
we can take it with us
not the $
but the people
Yes. No.

My heart desires the building of bridges, words of encouragement and affirmation, the richness of vulnerability and transparency in radical defiance of societal expectations and cultural divides. Human connection in Christ.

The complexity of the journey continues to astonish me.


list Undone

Babel Genesis 11:1-9

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