Saturday, October 15, 2011


I don't know what day I read the Seth's Blog, the one prompting me to send out for the Q-tips that arrived in my mailbox on Thursday.

The blog is dated Oct 7. The package arrived Oct 13.

I opened it this morning.

As I read through the information that came with the Q-tips, I am aware that I am afraid of needles and more than uncomfortable with hospitals. Especially as a patient.

And a donor of bone marrow, if matched, would be asked to be a patient. I waffle. I stall. I think about returning the unopened package, then open it anyway. I flip through the booklet. Page 12. A picture of a boy and his dad. The caption reads: "Just to see Luke out running and playing and doing things children should be doing is awe-inspiring ... You can be the miracle somebody needs."

I remember a friend who died from leukemia when we were in high school. I didn't think about his parents at the time, but today I contemplate the depth of their heartbreak.

I read the simple directions, use the Q-tips to swab the insides of my cheeks, seal the postage-paid envelope, and walk to the post office. My Q-tips begin the journey back Oct 15.

And to be truthful, I am afraid. I don't want to be a patient. The idea of medical personnel drawing marrow from my hips makes me queasy. Even the nonsurgical PBSC donation - much like giving plasma - isn't something I want to do. Needles. Did I mention that I am afraid of needles?

I'm going to carry the booklet with me for awhile. Keep it open to page 12. Ask God to prepare me
for the next step. The waiting. 

Like jury duty, I may never be called.

I'm going to ask others to help. Will you to answer the registry questions, order your own Q-tips?

The site asks for a donation. And to be honest, I didn't donate.
I am assuaging my guilt with positive thought, mentally giving Seth the opportunity to pick up the tab. He's the one that started all this.

Seth's Blog: Eliminating the impulse to stall

Oh, if your still waffling, Seth's offering a profile on his blog and $10,000. He writes: "Here's the deal: if you are a match for Amit and the marrow donation happens, I'll profile you or the project of your choice on the blog and send you a check for $10,000 for you or the charity of your choice... You win the prize if you're the first certified match, but donating is completely up to you."

I glance down at my booklet. Across from the picture of a boy and his dad, on page 13 the text reads: "The marrow completely replaces itself in 4 to 6 weeks" and "You will get more information every step of the way."

And God said, “I will be with you..."

I want to believe that if faced with a crisis, circumstances or opportunity, to push someone out of harm's way, to get hit by the bus for her or take the bullet, I wouldn't hesitate - that I would step forward in Faith.

Jesus said, "Go and do the same." 

The Q-tips offer an opportunity to push someone out of harm's way without risking the bullet.

Why did I hesitate?



Anonymous said...

I'm registered! I have been for several years but have never been called. I am not afraid of needles though - I admit I'm a bit fascinated by them - so I greatly admire your courage to register in spite of your fear.

Christina Rambo said...

Thank you for this post...I don't read Seth's Blog everyday and I wish I would have read this one.

Rw said...

Jan 18, 2012
Seth Godin writes, "My colleague Amit Gupta found a 10/10 marrow match. There's still a long and treacherous road ahead, but thanks to you, and to people like you, and the ability to spread the word among the tribe, a match was found, something that was impossible just a few years ago." What a great gift!