Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Destiny's Prayers

I love it! My friend Destiny ends her blog with prayer. Reading the words of her prayer her gratitude, her compassion, her faith
I feel a stronger connection to God.

Lord I come before you this morning and praise you for the beauty of today, thank you for the warm sun in october and the chatter of the squirrels outside. Thank you for wanting to hear our prayers,wanting to listen to me, I find it amazing that the God who created the entire universe actually cares enough about me and what I think! Please please please let my friend feel you all around her today, let her feel love, give her the strenght for today, strenght for the moment, heal her brokenness and renew her life! thank you God! I know you can do it! amen 

Destiny is an amazing gift. Her writing casts aside the cumbersome confines of punctuation, sentence structure and spelling opening wide her heart. As many of us let writing get bogged down in
APA Style and the Chicago Manual, Destiny leaves these tomes unopened, choosing a perfect guidebook. Her Bible. God's Word.

And so I pray...

Creator God, thank you for the voices of praise and thanksgiving and encouragement all around me, Please give me the strenght to let go of perfection and to embrace the flawed and human potential You placed within me, thank you for Destiny's prayers. amen



Madhulika said...

This is pray was something i really needed to hear to..
Thanks for sharing...

Fresh Start said...

What a beautiful prayer