Monday, March 11, 2013

$30 VIP

reformed trafficker now
educating vulnerable youth
"$, $30 VIP, 1/2 Hour Rate Available" reads the sign, posted boldly where all who enter might see.

On another night, in another city, the "Champagne" room is far from the entrance and stage, beyond the engaging bouncer at the desk who arranges some thing. The customer and young woman disappear for a time. By chance i look up to see her return. She stops momentarily, bends to slip on her shoes. She is a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, a teen-aged adult.

She is Cinderella. See her stiletto slippers?

Our daughters in middle class homes grow up thinking "I'm a princess to be rescued and loved."

The sellers of sex know the fantasy.
charged with trafficking
two midwest teens

We parents buy into the media-perpetuated lie: "traffickers are brutish dark strangers" not fun and engaging young women, or well-spoken intriguing and attentive sweet guys.

The heartbreak in all of this madness is the youth that get caught in the trap. Not grabbed from the street by strangers or randomly kidnapped from homes. Vulnerable youth are invited – romanced by beautiful promises, distorted shadows of grace, hope and love.

The dark twisting is often coercion, skilled chameleons changing color, flagrant and unexpected hues:
- a big city shopping day ends in a nightmare;
- a spontaneous romantic destination devolves into isolation, abandoned without money or car;
- a high school sweetheart softly asking, manipulating, then demanding sexual favors for friends;
- a video filmed without permission now sold to others who devour and share.

Children are growing up vulnerable. Innocence is being eroded each day. Will we let go of the "prince" and the "princess" and replace fantasy with open communication and unconditional love?

Embrace the young lives around us with God's grace, hope and love?


inspired by
Holly Austin Smith

Parents, don't come down too hard on your children 
or you'll crush their spirits. - Colossians 3:21 MSG

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