Wednesday, November 20, 2013


"Reconciliation, like forgiveness, cannot be declared from the thrones of the powerful. It flows from the wounds of the crucified, and forgiveness to be meaningful, it has to be seen to flow from woundedness." - Radical Reconciliation pg 37

Radical Reconciliation is wrenching my heart, holding up a mirror to my soul, treasuring the tears shed, embracing my darkest graceless space, mourning injustice.

i am awed by the woman, Rizpah, who grieves the children of Merab as deeply as she mourns her own children, a widow defending the crucified bodies against carrion birds and predators that move along the ground - not just for a few hours but from the beginning of the harvest until rain fell on them from the heavens.

Rizpah leaves the comfort of the palace.
She knows the deadly consequences.
She stands in resistance.


2 Samuel 21:10

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