Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rush Limbaugh is a Predator

Two people in the past 48 hours have asked me, "Did you hear what Rush Limbaugh said?"

No. I must admit, I don't listen to Rush. I googled him this morning, just to figure out how to spell his surname. I put him in the closet years ago, relegated to the purgatory of inconsequential to my consciousness, he is that in-human to me.

I prefer to fill my mind with light and Light, to focus on those who build up humanity, who actually put forth solutions, those who risk failure and find the courage to put forth more solutions.

I find restoration today in the words of Shane Hipps:

"There are people here ...
who would rather work
with a Muslim to eradicate AIDS
than spend any amount of time
debating how you get to heaven."
—from A VISION, Shane Hipps' teaching on Acts 10 more

And I am inspired at the unlimited potential God is putting in the hands of those who would crush the evil of predatory practices, an APP that exposes predators:

Rush is a product without a barcode. I'll need to do a little leg work myself, send pieces of duct tape to his sponsors and advertisers, help them quiet the voice of one predator.

I am feeling more than a little vindictive today.


p.s. and God asks me to pray, to cut a tiny piece of duct tape, stick it to my monitor, reminding me to pray for Rush a tiny little bit, as difficult as that might be for me ...


Rw said...

"During the day on Friday, Limbaugh sponsors began responding to the outcry over his statements. Jaybercrow updated the Reddit list several times on Friday as sponsors pulled their deals with Limbaugh. By Saturday morning, Legal Zoom, Citrix Success, Heart and Body Extract, AutoZone, Quicken Loans, Sleep Train, Sleep Number and Oreck said they yanked ads from Limbaugh's show."

"Nine companies remain on the list: ProFlowers, CARBONITE, Inc., Mid-West Life Insurance Company of Tennessee, American Forces Network, Mission Pharmacal Company, Life Quotes, Inc., Life Lock, Tax Resolution and AOL, parent company of The Huffington Post."



Anonymous said...

To his credit, he did apologize to the young lady. I'm no fan of his, I don't listen to him, and I hate it when he is "the example" people use to judge conservatives, but I guess that's just how it is.

I completely understand your feelings - my difficult person whom I boycott at every opportunity is Bill Maher. And I also pray for him.

It isn't easy, is it? :)

Rw said...

Part of his 'apology' included that the use of the word sl*t was an attempt at humor. A friend called me yesterday. He'd read this blog on the Predator. We talked for almost two hours. Today, I am standing by my decision to use the word, to throw the stone. "Predator" was chosen with patience. There is no situation in which a man is justified in publicly condemning a woman by calling her a sl*t. Especially a man who is twice her age, with razor sharp wit, a man who understand the power of words, and the legalities of how to phrase his 'question' about her integrity. I am not taking a side in the clash between government and religion. I am taking the stand in support of the young woman. I applaud her courage to stand before congress and risk the attack of the wolves. Well done Ms. Fluke! Rw

Rw said...

"My choice of words was not the best, and in the attempt to be humorous ..."