Friday, June 12, 2015

Captivate me

Savior God
Rescue me from the dungeon of my iniquity
    from the depths of my sin
Pride and self-sufficiency tempt me daily
Teach me to seek reprieve in Your Arms
   to trust in Your Strength

Loving God
Break away the stone of my hardened heart
Crush it into gravel and pave a new path
   for this broken life
Grind the fired clay of my self-reliance into fine dust
Drench me in Living Water
Remold me on Your Potter’s Wheel
   that I will be a vessel of Your Peace
   trusting that You are with me
   embracing those around me with Your Love

Mighty God
Help me put down the weapons of insecurity
   and choose to live boldly in Your Way
Teach me to absorb the impact of sin
   be bruised but not broken, frail and strong
   safe in Your Promises
   turning to You
   releasing the pain

Creator God
Let my eyes appreciate the hues of earth and sky
Coax my hands to touch the endless textures of the land
   to receive each morsel of food as life-sustaining
Let my ears delight to the sounds of life emerging
   the birds of the air sing Your Praises
   each breath an affirmation
   the aroma of the fruits and flowers is Your Scent
   the movement of the wind is Your Caress

Captivate me


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