Sunday, July 6, 2014

this came true

Three years ago the aroma of toothpaste greeted my daughter as she came into my office. I imagine a quizzical look scampering across her eyebrows as her gaze came to rest on the white poster board on which I'd painted with toothpaste the words "Jesus Wept"  an illustration for my blog.

use of a toothbrush 1899 - wiki commons
That this unconventional use of oral 
care product was not so odd as to cause 
serious concern regarding my mental 
health speaks to the longevity and 
fluidity of our mother-daughter, 
mentors-friends relationship.

Today there is an added bonus, the 
exquisite discovery of the words of 
prayer, an answered prayer:

I want to evaporate fear  caring about 
people in the moment, struggling and 
weeping beside people in distress, 
living and celebrating joy as it happens 
in my life and in the lives of those 
around me. When we put down our 
shields to share our sorrow and 
our joy with the world, Life evaporates fear.  "This" July 6, 2011 more

During the 1095 days spanning the gap between the original writing and my reading, the prayer was answered. "This" came true.

While experiencing daily the concepts of "Exclusion & Embrace" more ... while embracing the blessing of sabbatical ... while diligently focusing a great deal of time to discover, nourish and integrate Sabbath ... it is not by accident that I discover an answered prayer.


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