Thursday, July 12, 2012

Passport through Darkness

Over a year ago I read this amazing book in a single sitting: Kimberly L. Smith’s Passport through Darkness. I am inspired by her courage, her wisdom, her passion, her faith. I am awed by her frailness, her strength, her vulnerability, her humanity.

My original tear-stained paperback and a later-purchased copy are out on loan, books weaving their way across the U.S. from friend to friend, and hand to hand. Today, I discover Passport through Darkness is available for Nook and Kindle FREE until July 15. Details here

Sitting in the cool quiet of my office, shaded windows gently lighting the room, I open my new e-book and my heart is again carried away to the dark evil of Sudan, a woman named Kimberly, and her faith in God:

"I stood at a precipice, a crag of rock in a parched, thirsty land that mirrored the condition of my heart. From where I stood I looked down upon the riverbed ..." 

No atrocity is too large, no story of redemption too small, for our God. A Heart Not Big Enough

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