Friday, May 18, 2012


I am
not Abel
but Cain,

not the
prodigal son
but the
jealous sibling,

the virus
not the
January 2012 more

This morning, the brownie wins.

My humanity is hungry for comfort, and the chocolate brownie satisfies – momentarily.

Yesterday at a table with ministry leaders from across our community we prayed for those tempted by suicide, our sisters and brothers in desperation, people seemingly without hope.

Today I am grateful that when my life slips
from chaos and exhaustion to mourning and despondency, that Christ surrounds me with people who care enough to share hope.

The desire to break camp here and be with Christ is powerful. 
Some days I can think of nothing better. 
Paul in Philippians 1:23 MSG 

Paul is open about his desire to leave this earth ...
then he boldly makes plans to stay.

So I plan to be around awhile, companion to you 
as your growth and joy in this life of trusting God continues.
Paul in Philippians 1:25

Paul invites us to trust God and be companions to each other here on earth.

On the days when we can think of nothing better than breaking camp with life here on earth – finding a friend to pray with, acknowledging our sorrows before God, is essential.

Praying with her until God caresses our hearts with the chocolate embrace of hope is life changing, equips us to make a plan to stay.


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